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EFT Tapping

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Techniques and as the name suggests it is useful in obtaining freedom from negative emotions.

It combines the ancient wisdom of China, in the form of energy meridians, (used in acupuncture) and modern psychology.

Our body has subtle internal energy channels. When we experience a negative emotion caused by trauma or are just feeling upset, these energy pathways become blocked. These blockages can result in physical manifestations, such as a rash or pain. Using EFT to remove the blockage can lead to the physical symptom to disappear.

We are all the product of our childhood and the life we have given rise, up until now. It is very likely that the adults in our lives (neighbours, teachers, family members, etc.) caused us emotional pain by punishing, shouting, teasing, putting us down, ignoring us or using emotional blackmail in some way.

They may have done these things ‘for our own good’ but nonetheless we carry those hurts and beliefs around with us unless we let them go.

These memories and beliefs are the ‘writing on our walls’, as Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, describes it. We are constantly reading this writing. It is our self-talk. It says things like:

‘I am not good enough’,

‘I am selfish’,

‘I’m not a nice person’,

‘I’ll never be any good’,

‘I always mess up’,

‘I don’t deserve to be happy, look at the things I’ve done/said’.

We can end up experiencing guilt feelings, feeling worthless, feeling disconnected, feeling empty and feeling depressed.

Do you recognize yourself there? You too, huh?

Enter Emotional Freedom Techniques. We can tap on the meridian points which are places on our body where the energy pathways end. At the same time, we can identify and get in touch with the feeling or memory of the original event that caused the self-talk. Doing both together enables us to let go of the emotional charge of that feeling or memory. We are then set free from it.

If you want to learn how to do EFT Tapping you can do no better than learn from the person who developed it, Gary Craig. Here is his page on how to do EFT

Watch the video below where he demonstrates the tapping points.

I hope you find benefit in this amazing self-help tool.