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Children Need Gun Play

Children Need Gun Play

by Claire

Whether we like it or not, children see and hear about guns regularly. However much we try, it’s vitually impossible to prevent our children from witnessing weapons.

Television (even on kid’s channels), cinemas, electronic games, the internet, toy figures, newspapers, magazines, books, advertisements that surround us (often for violent movies/cartoons), images on many items (including the use of characters especially for children), radio and some songs include references to war-scenes, murders, fights, attacks and weapons of all kinds.

Children often see guns firsthand with police, security guards, hunters, farm staff, hobbyists and armed forces (in parades, on military bases or in war-zones) among others. The guns could be legal or illegal, in holsters or being used – children notice them.

Why Do Children Need To Play?

  • To assimilate what they’ve experienced, witnessed or heard
  • To understand what confuses them
  • To process and heal from fears, worries, anxieties, anger and powerlessness
  • To practice skills of all kinds
  • To try out roles (which aids perspective and compassion for others)
  • It’s enjoyable and enaging, as long as it’s child-led and kept safe
  • Its accessibility and flexibility can fit in all types of learning styles

Children understand the power of play therapy and naturally use it. Incorporating the most scary, confusing and taboo topics, like wars, is often a misunderstood need amoung children. Continue reading